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Trade all global capital markets from a single integrated account

Forex, metals and commodities are the fastest growing retail investment products in the world. Open an account with Jumbo Forex and find out why millions of investors currently trade these exciting markets.

With Jumbo Forex you get instant execution on live tradable prices, low spreads, no commissions, high leverage, all supported by our industry leading customer service and support.

To find out more about our product offering, please browse the product categories below. Every products price is streamed directly to your computer or mobile phone. Trade anywhere anytime with Jumbo Forex

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In terms of product value, petroleum (gas) and energy are the largest business in the world.

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We offer all major currency pairs, plus exotics from around the globe you won't find with other brokers.

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An equity index, or stock market index, is a method of measuring a section of the stock market.

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Precious metals such as gold and silver have been traded either as currencies, or at least as the basis of currencies, or commodities, for hundreds of years.

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